Through its years refining an infrastructure-scale desalination solution using vapor distillation, Water Desalination International has recognized the need for an alternative process that carries lower up-front costs for installation operation and reliable, low-maintenance operation. Thus the sole focus of our technical development is now the Passarell Vapor Eschange System (P-VES):

  • An optimized flash distillation/evaporation process with the circulating thermal energy loop and using advanced process controls and materials

  • Energy input is minimized with precise temperature, flow, pressure control, and intensive heat recovery

  • Combines the benefits of distillation and evaporation - a Zero Liquid Discharge process

  • Designed to required volume in a compact cellular unit with a small footprint

  • Flexible rate of production


The development of this process was also undertaken with the intent of avoiding the practical constraints of the two major desalination approaches most widely in use, multi-stage flash distillation (MSF) and reverse osmosis (RO). The benefits of the P-VES process include the following:

  • No pre or post treatment, membrane washing, or waste brine - solid byproduct may even have value

  • Low maintenance design due to anti-scaling, corrosion resistance material techologies

  • Can tolerate many feedwater conditions, regardless of salinity or solids

  • Plant operating capacity can be configured to required production

  • Easily transported

  • Rapidly deployed


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