About Us    

Water Desalination International (WDI), Inc. aspires to achieve technical and product leadership of low-cost, turnkey desalination plants based upon its proprietary technology.  Furthermore, WDI aspires to become a leader in research and development for the advancements of desalination in such areas as cogeneration/regeneration, low maintenance, enhanced reliability, energy conservation and no waste return; while providing the highest quality of water. 

WDI's offices in Los Angeles intend to market its unique desalination process to both commercial and industrial customers, as well as municipal and governmental agencies contemplating desalination as the answers to their fresh water needs.  WDI is in an advantageous position, as its product is an innovative desalination process called the Passarell Vapor Exchange System (P-VES), that provides benefits that are currently unobtainable by existing technologies.  

The United States Department of Commerce and United States Department of Energy and other major corporations have carefully evaluated previous technical deveopments made by WDI using vapor compression distillation, and due diligence has verified its commercial viability.  With its newest invention, WDI hopes to demonstrate that desalination can be made both affordable and profitable through privately owned and operated industrial and municipal projects.  

WDI has been researching, inventing, and developing for 25 years.  It is WDI's intent to continue further development of innovative processes that will produce water of the highest quality and lowest cost.






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