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Exclusive Seawater
 Desalination Separation Technology

Separation of


No Pretreatment or Post Treatment

The "Passarell VES"  Process

Distilled water
Cogeneration capabilities
Small  footprint/concrete shell

(US Patent )

Our seawater distillation process features a new technology with no wastewater or brine returned to the sea. This is different from other processes such as RO, MEB and MSF.

This process is a thermal configuration utilizing low energy for operation, with the following energies; electricity, natural gas, solar, wind, other configuration and/or cogeneration depending on site and energy required.

Any of these will work as long as they create at least 220°F.

This distillation process locks the developed thermal energy within the process, through a plate heat exchanger, where source water enters the process energized by circulating energy (BTUs) from outgoing hot processed water

The Zero Waste Water Technology will remove elements of the product water leaving the 3.5%waste elements in recoverable wet salt for industrial products.

There is no brine water returned to any source

Estimated 30 plus year longevity when built using high quality materials. The unique coated shell design housing prevents heat loss, noise and reduces maintenance while providing superior performance.

The pure water product is produced with a minimum amount of spent energy




A  Seawater Separation Technology 
No Brine or Wastewater

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